Multi Lingual Education (MLE)

Palula language society had decided to start MLE project with the objectives to teach the children in their mother tongue in 2005. For this purpose they formed MLE project in the same year. From 2006 to 2008 MLE project developed the curriculum and instructional materials for preschool year one.

They also trained the teachers and supervisors by participating in a series of teacher training organized by FLI Islamabad. In August 2008, a large opening ceremony was held and the school was opened. More than 20 children were enrolled. 

An evaluation was done of the first year of MLE classes, where the children were asked about the things they had learned in the past year. The committee was satisfied with the results, and the children were happy with the grades they got. 

More steps were taken for the MLE project in the summer of 2009. An office was opened for the Palula project in the  village, and the MLE committee visited Biori, another Palula-speaking valley, to motivate the people there to become involved in language development and literacy work. This showed a very good result. There is a growing interest among a number of people to receive training and get involved in language development and literacy work.

During the year of 2008 the MLE project members developed and printed their year-2 materials which included 64 small stories, 64 listening stories, songs and rhymes and math books.

In 2010 Palula language society launched another MLE school in another location. At the moment, the parents are very happy with the MLE program. We hope to continue the school till class five. This would, however, require developing a lot of materials and resources and we need to find a good donor.